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03:17 PM Reporter Bug #197 (Closed): Inconsistent use of obvious exits in Hector's Boutique
I updated the Obvious Exits string to be consistent with the rest of the MUD. (Git commit #2177dd2) Hilapdatus


01:50 PM Reporter Bug #170: Not able to "look"
I have not been able to duplicate this issue. I am wondering if it is caused by a specific room, an object in your i... Hilapdatus


04:17 PM Reporter Internet Service interrupted due to weather
The MUD is unavailable at the moment due to a weather-related outage that has disabled its Internet Service Provider.... Hilapdatus
03:58 PM Reporter Bug #169 (New): The AquaMorte disease causes damage directly to limbs, causes limbs to fall off
The AquaMorte disease should be modified so that its damage is internal and thus won't cause limbs to fall off.
03:51 PM Reporter Bug #168 (New): Lost limbs that are regened can't be used for armour or weapons until re-log
Lose a limb, have Gnuzik regen it, can't wield or wear using that limb until a quit and relog. Hilapdatus
03:39 PM Reporter Bug #165 (Closed): Note for Bug #164: I idled out after a save but didn't quit...
No, saving and idling out should not have effected you or your save data at all. The wine can play a role but not th... Hilapdatus
03:35 PM Reporter Bug #161 (Closed): AddSimpleObject() doesn't seem to be working
Applied in changeset mudlib:commit:lib|da7cb2771f09970aadea3defd5588eb6f6c8b04d. Hilapdatus


02:47 PM Reporter Bug #161 (In Progress): AddSimpleObject() doesn't seem to be working
It looks like the driver no longer passes additional arguments from new() into create(). So, @new(LIBITEM_SIMPLE_OBJ... Hilapdatus


02:34 PM Reporter Bug #154 (In Progress): I have the heart, but it does not show up in inventory (I can look at it though)
I made a few changes to the heart in domains:commit:51559b79 but I believe that I have not resolved the root issue. ... Hilapdatus
01:57 PM Reporter Bug #130 (Closed): /lib/ride.c, line 119
Applied in changeset domains:commit:domains|128dbe56d5c71c1092e3281241873f253c08b98c. Hilapdatus

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