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What is an organization?

An organization is any group of two or more people who have affiliated themselves for a common purpose. The purpose of an organization is whatever the members of that organization choose. Some organizations may be purely social in nature while others adhere to a rigid hierarchy and a code of conduct. Organizations have the option of opening bank accounts and building structures, charging membership dues, and leasing property to members.

  • Organizations form the backbone of the social network within Dreamverse.
  • There are no limits or restrictions on how many members an organization can have.
  • An individual may join any number of organizations.
  • Organizations may restrict or revoke membership based on other memberships of an individual.

Why join an organization?

Joining an organization may provide all sorts of benefits to the member. Some organizations may provide access to goods or services that are unavailable through any other means. Other organizations may provide protection and security. The reasons for joining an organization are numerous and depend entirely upon the organization and the individual and different individuals may join the same organization for entirely different reasons.


Drax Association of Landholders

Any owner of real-estate within the town of Drax is eligible to join this association. Membership dues are charged annually. Benefits protective services from a private security force, forced eviction of tenants upon non-payment of rent, and additional clout within the local government.

McClusky Commune

The McClusky Farm has converted itself into a commune. Members have the option of paying quarterly dues in kind or in cash. All members are expected to work the community fields 16 hours per month. Benefits of commune membership include free food and lodging.

Fetznettle Association of Gamblers

Any person may buy into this organization. Once membership has been purchased then that person may freely enter any Fetznettle Gambling hall and partake in any sponsored events. Gambling halls are located within most major cities and provide entertainment options in the form of slot machines, card tables, and other games of chance.

Technical Details

Organization Data Structures

  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Cash Balance
  • Flags
  • Members
    • Role
    • Recruitment Date
    • Recruiter

Contributing to Dreamverse

There are many ways to contribute to Dreamverse. There are two contributions that Hilapdatus, the owner of the physical hardware and the current maintainer of the MUD, appreciates the most and that are at the top of his request list:

  • Log into the game as a player or builder and be present
  • Contribute content

To make it easier for players and builders to contribute content we have been working on the Codeless Area Builder, or CAB. The CAB is a set of tools that can be utilized in game or externally to generate content for Dreamverse. The idea is to keep the complexity low so that it is easy to learn and easy to use while also allowing those with more advanced knowledge to take full advantage of LPC and the Dreamverse mudlib.

Codeless Area Builder

The Codeless Area Builder, or CAB, is a set of tools which players and Builders can use to add content to Dreamverse without having to learn how to programming or how to work with the LPC language and the details of the Dreamverse mudlib. The CAB utilizes JSON documents to contain the data and stores these documents in an Apache CouchDB document database. This allows content providers, the players and Builder's, to access and edit this database through a standard WWW browser or with tools and utilities written to work with JSON.


  "entityType": "zone",
  "id": INT,
  "name": STRING,
  "description": STRING,
  "maintainers": [
  "hardCodedRooms": [


  "entityType": "room",
  "id": INT,
  "zone": INT,
  "descriptions": {
    "short": STRING,
    "long": STRING,
    "obviousExits": STRING,
  "climate": STRING,
  "town": STRING,
  "items": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "smells": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "sounds": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "touches": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "searches": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "sits": [
    { "id": [ STRING ], "action": STRING }
  "exits": [
    { "direction": [ STRING ], "destination": STRING, "preExitFunction": STRING, "postExitFunction": STRING }
  "inventory": [
    { "path": STRING, "quantity": INT|STRING }
  "properties": [
    { "id": STRING, "value": INT|STRING }
  "hooks": [
    { "id": STRING, "value": INT|STRING }
  "header": [ STRING ],
  "prologue": [ STRING ],
  "create": {
    "header": [ STRING ],
    "body": [ STRING ],
    "footer": [ STRING ]
  "epilogue": [ STRING ],
  "footer": [ STRING ]

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