Internet Service interrupted due to weather

Added by Hilapdatus over 3 years ago

The MUD is unavailable at the moment due to a weather-related outage that has disabled its Internet Service Provider. WE are currently experiencing a pretty significant snowfall and the snow is extremely wet and heavy. Lines have been brought down somewhere. They are generally repaired pretty quickly.

Tracking -- enabled and enhanced

Added by Hilapdatus over 3 years ago

A new Tracking daemon has been brought online. It keeps track of tracks -- footsteps of NPCs as they wander about. This daemon is still in its infancy and needs work.

At the moment, all tracks are visible to all players. Tracks deteriorate over time and completely disappear after 15 minutes.

Eventually the level of detail will be tailored based upon the class of the player, stats, and skills. Hunters and those with the hunting skill will be able to track better than others. The stealth skill will help some as well.

If the tracks are not disabled in the rooms long description then one may 'look at tracks' to view them. Player Characters do not yet leave tracks.

Intermud3 Back in Action

Added by Hilapdatus over 3 years ago

Fixed a bug that prevented the imud_gossip (igossip) and imud_code (icre) channels from being listened too. We can now be subjected to the spam of the Intermud and block it ourselves. :)


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