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02:12 PM Reporter Bug #198 (New): Bug Report
I think there is a bug with reincarnating, where it does strange things with experience in general. Sometimes it subt... MUD


07:13 AM Reporter Bug #197 (Closed): Inconsistent use of obvious exits in Hector's Boutique
there is an exit named "west" instead of "w". Using WEST does not traverse the exit, while W does. Location: Boutique... MUD


12:55 PM Reporter Bug #196 (New): /secure/sefun/load_object.c, line 21
testing... MUD


06:02 PM Reporter Bug #194 (New): /lib/body.c, line 1261
when attacking (buffet) the banshee in the caves (in Yilth), it says an error occurred. For each attack line it repea... MUD


04:07 PM Reporter Bug #188 (New): error loading /domains/TytansCave/rooms/2e2
just tried going 'up' and received the bug message.... MUD


11:21 PM Reporter Bug #187 (New): error loading ^/Forest/Shadevale/obj/ivy
error trying to go west from this room.... MUD


10:22 PM Reporter Bug #186 (New): ^/Ocean/etc/boat (/lib/vehicle.c) at line 21 -- "Give me a stacktrace"
tried to enter launch while on my sailboat and got an error message.... MUD


04:50 PM Reporter Bug #185 (New): "Array index out of bounds" when a limb has been severed in combat"
Attacking the troll gave me a bug. He probably should have the key to unlock the iron door.... MUD
11:24 AM Reporter Bug #184 (New): Runtime in WieldCheck() of ^/MishasCottage/items/betestaff.c
Misha Kiy severed my right hand where I had my staff. I picked up the hand, went to tranquility, restore my hand. The... MUD
11:00 AM Reporter Bug #183 (New): /secure/sefun/clone_object.c, line 3
The dragon called by serpent strike does not shield me. It shows that it is fighting, but no attack rounds are visble... MUD

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